Nitai’s Inconcievable Mercy and Empowerment to Glorify Him

Nitaisevika dasi's Nitai Outpour

 When one glorifies Nitai, that is not our favor on Nitai, that is Nitai’s supreme favor on us. No one can utter a word in His glorification unless He allows one to do so. His mercy is so vast that although He is Uttamasloka, the one to be glorified with the choicest and best words, He allows His children to glorify Him inadequately with their broken words and feels immeasurable pleasure when they humbly offer it to Him. To glorify Radha Krishna, we must first purify ourselves internally and externally, and then we can properly offer prayers in the correct mood. Only siddhas have the ability to truly enunciate Their inconceivable glories.

But our Nitai is always „unique“ and therefore is the only Lord who allows the most fallen of the fallen souls to spread His glories! He does so out of His sweet will. He knows that the bliss…

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