Nitai Bhakti Pleases Gaur the Most

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Nitai! What is wrong if one is a Nitaivadi and has immense love for Gaurhari? If one is Gaurvadi and loves Nitai then that is considered „genuine bhakti“ but one cannot be a Nitaivadi and still claim to love Gaur? Is this not ardha kukkutti nyaya? Is loving Nitai because He has given us Gaur, out of our eternal gratefulness a crime? Being a Nitaivadi does mean to neglect Gauranga Krishna, it means to accept Him wholeheartedly through Nityananda, because we understand that without Nitaiii it is absolutely impossible for us to have any connection with Gauranga. We serve Gauranga in every way possible knowing in our hearts that this was possible due to Nitai’s empowerment, and this service is His loving gift. There is no service greater than the service of Gaur Radha Krishna. That is the perfection and summum bonum of all service and we are eternally obliged…

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