Mayadevi Herself is Bound by Nitai’s Love

Nitaisevika dasi's Nitai Outpour

Maya devi can no longer attack anyone who is engaged in Nitai bhajan, because she herself becomes senseless upon remembering His mercy.

Nitai’s mercy is such that even Maya devi goes mad and starts to cry remembering it. Because Nitai is the only Lord in this existence who has fulfilled her most cherished desire. Maya devi is ultimately a maha vaishnavi and she internally always desires to serve the Lord and His devotees favorably. But due to Gaur Krishna entrusting her with this task of taking the fallen souls away from Him, she has no scope to quench her true thirst of serving Him. She also desires to assist in spreading the Lord’s glories, but instead she is given the task of hiding the Lord. Like in Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya, Gauranga had ordered Maya to cover all the scriptures describing His glories. Although it pains her heart to do this…

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