Nitai’s Deep Connection with Radharani Part 1

Nitaisevika dasi's Nitai Outpour

Many devotees undermine the importance of taking shelter of Nitai before approaching Radha Krishna by claiming that Nitai is situated in sakhya rasa, as Baladev, so He cannot perform the function of giving one Radha Krishna in madhurya rasa. This conception is completely erroneous and detrimental to the path of our devotional service. This is one of the prime causes why Kaliyuga has been able to establish its firm influence. This exactly why even after executing devotional service for millions upon millions of lifetimes, no one is able to reach
the stage of spontaneous devotion to Radha Govinda which the shastras claim as Ragamarg. It is due to this very reason that no one
is able to attain prema even after performing rigorous sadhana.

Nityananda Prabhu’s role in giving us Radharani’s shelter is extremely
crucial and unnegligible.

Radharani is the instructor of all those souls situated in madhurya
rasa, and…

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