The Test Of Unconditional Love

Nitaisevika dasi's Nitai Outpour

The only way to truly test if someone is factually ours is to measure their level of concern, loyalty and support for us during adversity; when we are suffering through serious tribulations. One who is truly ours, their love for us will only increase when we are in unfavorable situations, due to their affection. A mother feels more love for her child when she sees them in difficulty, thus making her maternal affection overflow even more.

The nature of Nitai’s love for the fallen souls is exactly like this, in fact, way beyond. While the other forms of Godhead move farther away from us as we glide down, Nitai’s love only increases seeing our misery. Doyara Thakur Nitai para dukha jane. He is the most merciful Lord because He understands the pain of others. This is why Vrindavan das Thakur sings: Nitai amar doyara avadhi. Nitai AMAR. Nitai is ours…

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