Why Shrila Prabhupad did not introduce Nitai Vayulekhan?

Nitainam Dhyan for Perfection in Krishna Consciousness

Many devotees have asked us that if Nitai Bhajan and Nitai Vayulekhan are so powerful and essential then why Shrila Prabhupad or any other previous Acharya did not introduce them?

Our response goes like this:

  1. So many practices and modifications have been introduced in our Paramapara in the past so many centuries. They cannot be termed as deviations because they were necessary as per the time, place, and circumstances. A modification or new practice which has no prior scriptural theory can only be termed as a deviation. Something which is already theoretically mentioned can be implemented anytime. There is so much theory regarding Nitai Bhajan in the books of our Acharyas that nobody can question its authenticity. If you question the authenticity of Nitai Bhajan then you are actually showing that you have no faith in the Vani (Teachings) of our Guru Paramapara.
  2. One Acharya need not necessarily establish each…

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